Q:Does the Brainwave float?

A: Yes. The BrainWave floats with approximately half of the unit showing above the water line.

Q: Why not make it a helmet?

A:The BrainWave fills the void between “NO” protection and wearing a “FULL” helmet. Still providing tremendous protection of the soft lobes of the head while remaining lightweight and discreet. Parent’s don’t have to force their youth to wear it as it is socially friendly and keeps the head cool on hot days. As well, full helmets can create neck torque when impacting the water at high speeds, potentially causing injury itself.

Q: The loose end of the Velcro strap gets caught in my hair!

A:When secured to the head properly, measure back from the end of the strap to where it last contacts the Velcro loops. Then cut the excess off with scissors.

Q: What about protection for the back of my head?

A: BrainWave is currently developing an insertable backpad for certain applications that require rear head protection as well. It should be available by mid-summer 2017.

Q: The BrainWave sometimes wants to dislodge when I Duck dive!

A: BrainWave is aware of this problem. We are developing replaceable 2-sided body tape pads to install in frontal area of the BrainWave. In the meantime, purchase “Flash Tape” (body to clothing tape) and install before each surfing session.

**Should you have any suggestions to improve the BrainWave in it’s various applications – Please contact us