Birth of the BrainWave

My Family's Experience with Water Sport Head Injuries
My wife and I spent our summers with our children at the lake. Water sports was a big part of our life but not water sport head injuries, but that was about to change in September of 2002.

From our kids friends, family friends to all the campers at Kiev’s-K-Hi youth camp – the boat was always pulling someone. Bumps and bruises were common, when tubing especially. On many occasions, children would smack heads together and! We didn’t think much of it back then until “the incident”.

Then, in September of 2002, our family and another family were spending the afternoon boating and pulling each other on the double tube. When it is family and close friends, the thrill level can be enhanced by adding a little more speed. Then, you mix in some self made waves. This creates a ride that makes everyone grip a little tighter. Myself and my 12 year old daughter were next.

Usually, I am the driver of the boat. So, this was odd to be in the hot seat with someone else in control of our water tubing destiny. My daughter and I bounced around and were having a great time. It was then that we hit a combination of waves that threw me sideways and our heads came together with brute force!

Water sport head injuries became a part of our lives!!!

hat impact was the last thing I remember for several minutes. My daughter and I were apparently both thrown from the tube and were motionless in the water. The driver of the boat was yelling at me to swim over and check on my daughter. I was consciously unconscious if that makes any sense. I was awake but not cognizant of my surroundings. Since I was not responding, the boat raced over to get my daughter out of the water, I am told that the boat then came to me. After scolding me for not going to help my daughter, my wife and friends helped me into the boat and we headed for the dock.

From the moment of head injury, it had been approximately 7 minutes until I finally regained cognizance once I was standing on the dock. I tuned in to the familiar voice of my wife, whom is also a registered nurse, asking me questions. What wasn’t familiar was everyone around me and the surroundings I was present in. My daughter was being checked over and all I wanted was to get away from all these people. We were transported to the local hospital and diagnosed with major concussion symptoms. Needless to say, the day on the water came to an abrupt end for all! Water sport head injuries was now a part of our lives.

This still remains as one of the scariest mental moments of our lives. I had received a previous concussion in high school and was to experience 2 more in the next 10 years. None, compared to this experience.

Shortly after that, I started analyzing the head injuries that had occurred over the years within our circle of family and friends. I also started enquiring to other lake goers as to their experiences with Water sport head injuries in their recreational water sport lives. The common thread was the vast existence of head injuries in most of the family water sport activities. The other common thread was that most parents didn’t feel that there was anything they would do

to prevent further head injuries as they weren’t going to make their kids wear helmets while participating in these “fun” recreational water activities.

Developing a lightweight and “cool” protective headgear for water sport head injuries then became my passion. The BrainWave is the result! Its technology combined with fashionability and comfort can now fit the vacant niche of protecting our children’s heads without the fight of forcing them to wear something bulky and unsightly when enjoying recreational water sports!