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Water Sports Head Injury Stats

Recreational water sports are responsible for approximately 30,000 traumatic brain injury incidents treated annually in U.S. Emergency rooms (USCPC Report-2009), with approximately 50% of those injuries affecting children 14 years old and under......

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Water Sports Head Injury Stats

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Should your child be wearing a helmet but won’t? The BrainWave Protective Headband is the #1 helmet alternative for recreational water sport families. The BrainWave incorporates cutting edge technology in a minimalist design providing extreme impact head protection for tubing, wake sports, sailing and more. The BrainWave is lab tested and passes youth impact standards in ballistic testing. It is lightweight, comfortable and does not impede balance or vision. For boat tubing, the BrainWave reduces the risk of head injury from multiple riders ‘knocking heads' and water impact. In wake sports such as wake boarding, knee boarding and wake surfing; it helps avoid head injury from water and board impact. When sailing, the BrainWave mitigates avoidable head injuries from contact with the swinging sail boom on the sailboat. The BrainWave Protective headband is not intended to replace a properly worn water helmet. Rather, it is available as a helmet alternative for youth that feel socially conscious or find that a water helmet impedes performance on the water. Don’t let an avoidable head injury ruin your families day of boating! Buy the best protective headband for recreational water sport activities. BrainWave Head Protection - Reduce the Risk and Enjoy the Fun!